* 2016/11/13 *

Small update: PSound can play the music of "Escape from Monkey Island" (PS2).
However, there are known problems with loop points.
Also added support for the original "Zone of the Enders Z.O.E" (PS2).
DL link at the bottom of the page: "PSound201.zip" contains the updated exe file only.

* 2010/06/20 *

Hello again, this is snailrush.
I've just finished to update PSound.
PSound is a program (for Windows) that can play music and sounds from PlayStation (PS1 and PS2) game discs.
I wrote it in 2002/2003, and it was about time that I decide to fix bugs and add support for more games, especially PS2 games.
I know there are still people who use PSound; I'm very sorry to have let stupid bugs in my program for a so long time.
Check the links below.
Thank you and bye bye!

Online help.
Download PSound ver.-2.00
PSound ver.-2.01

Other old programs (2003) :
7mimic Background viewer for Final Fantasy VII (PS1)
8mimic Background viewer for Final Fantasy VIII (PS1)