To convert a sound, select the playlist entries to be converted and choose Convert.

Conversion dialog box

The conversion dialog box displays the output file name, the position in minutes:seconds, the status, and the number of bytes written to the output file. Press Start to begin the process or Close to cancel. After you have pressed Start, the button becomes "Stop", press it to stop the conversion (if you press it, PSound will delete the output file, unless you have turned on an option in the configuration). The Close button is disabled until the operation terminates. Because PSound never calculates the length of a sound, there's no indication about percentage and so on. Loop and fade out settings (except infinite loop) affect the conversion.
If you convert several sounds at once, the conversion starts automatically. You can only press the Stop button to stop the batch conversion. The Autostart conversion and Autoclose conversion dialog box options are ignored: in batch conversion mode, it's as if they were on.

PSound can also save loop point information, if avaible. In order to get it, you must set the values of Loop and Fade Out to zero in the configuration. Nevertheless, when working with some data, it's not always possible. Obviously, when PSound does not find loop point, you'll not get it.

See also the Configuration page.