Error messages

Here are explanations for the main error messages.

Error in DirectSound initialization.
The problem probably comes from the selected output device. The device may be already used by another application. Go to the configuration window and choose a different device.
Error in buffer creation.
The buffer that holds sound data has been set with incorrect values, or values that the current device doesn't support. You can try to change the selected device. In the case you use the "Force sample rate to..." option, the specified sample rate is perhaps too high or too low.
Could not open the file.
Either another application has opened the file in a exclusive mode, either the file cannot be found.
Could not create the file.
Are you trying to save a file on a read-only disc?
Invalid File.
The file is not supported by PSound.
ASPI initialization failed. CD-ROM commands are disabled.
ASPI is not installed correctly, or no device has been found. Since all CD-ROM related commands use ASPI ("Scan CD-ROM" and "Add audio CD tracks"), they are disabled in the case of such an error. PSound will just be as it was before version 1.20 (that is without these two commands). Do you have the file WNASPI32.DLL installed?
No data to scan in this CD-ROM!
You are trying to use the Scan CD-ROM command on a pure audio CD (a CD that contains no data track, only audio tracks). Therefore, you can't scan it.
Could not access to CD-ROM.
There's no CD-ROM in the selected drive. Or maybe it is not ready, in that case just retry.