Questions & Answers

When I use the Scan CD-ROM command, why the sound effects (etc.) do not appear?
Because the Scan CD-ROM command only scans for XA/STR files (as well as some other format used in Square games). Other formats are found using the Open file and Scan file commands.
PSound doesn't recognize the XA/STR files when I open or scan them. What to do?
In this case, you must use the Scan CD-ROM command in order to play these files. They will appear in the playlist, but without their file name.
Sounds are played too fast or too slow!
Please go there, you can modify the frequency (sample rate).
Is it possible to support the game XXX?
I don't know, since I don't have this game. I would need to have a look at it...
I can only listen to the instruments' sounds with PSound. I want to listen to the music!!!
That means the music is sequenced, like MIDI, and these samples are mixed together, in a specific sequence, to make the music. Of course, PSound cannot do such a thing!
Well, you can try to search for PSF; or record yourself the music like we did in the 90s!